Andriy Fedorchuk

          Game Designer / Technical Artist



    Andriy Fedorchuk is a Senior Game Designer at Research and Development  at Sony PlayStation in San Mateo region.

    He graduated with an Associate’s degree in Human Resource Management from University of Oil and Gas in Ukraine and a Bachelor's in Game Design from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. During school, Andriy worked on a lot of collaborative student game projects that where led by industry veterans such as Pryce Jones and Charlie Huenergardt. One of them led to an internship and later a job at Press Start Studios.  
    Andriy began at Press Start as a Level Designer and became Lead Designer after only 4 months. After 2 years in that position he advanced to Product Manager. In the small team his day-to-day duties included collaborating with 3D artists and engineers, optimizing game performance, balancing levels and designing new game features. After the release of his first mobile game
Drive Me Bananas, Andriy was responsible for new game updates based on player’s feedback.  
    More recently Andriy co-founded the new game studio
Flatter Than Earth with Martin Malek, and helped build it from ground up. Naturally, he wears many hats. As Technical Director he acts as the bridge between the artists and programmers. He actively recruits and hires new talent. He also devised the main assets pipeline, designed the main game play mechanics, and wrote the primary game design documents. Using the Agile method he manages the team, and he acted as Vice President for 3 months during a CEO absence.