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 I start working on the game as an intern during the school after graduation I was brought on as full time employee. During the last year of Drive Me Bananas development, my primarily responsible where level design, assembling of the game, implementation of new updates based on game player data.  Other duties included balancing of the game play and bug fixing. After I become lead designer I set up Photoshop system for group of interns to review and help them with level design, look at example on the left.  
Closer to the end fully managed the game production, was responsible for all deliverables and  releases  of the game. Later when game got lunched worked on service releases and supported the product.  During the time that I worked on this game I designed all the environments, build all the levels, did all the animations and created script based obstacles for Random Loading  in the levels, look at the example below.
 Optimized and Imported assets 


iOS, Android,

Tools Used:
Unity, Maya,

 18 Months

Team Size:

Lead Level Designer


Drive Me Bananas is an "endless running" mobile game developed by PressStart studios, a private company based in San Francisco Bay Area.  
It is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.  Players of the game take the role of driver helping monkeys to escape from zoo on the stolen cab.  Cab has ability to morph so monkeys can pass thru any traffic obstacles by rising, squishing and squeezing the car, also cab can fly, enter the subway and hit jumps in order to go over things.  As the monkeys drive, they grab bananas out of the air while simultaneously dodging collisions with cars and other objects.  Game environment theme was based on beautiful sightseeing in California, such as San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Napa, Malibu.    
Drive Me Bananas was launched in January 2014.
Download sources:

     Mobile Game Experince

    Lead Level Designer 

   www.Pressstart.Co 2012-2014

     Andriy Fedorchuk

          Game Designer / Technical Artist

Examples of Random Loading  Obstacles